From Spritzdecor to Fat Lava Volume II (WGP) By Kevin James Graham

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From Spritzdecor to Fat Lava Volume II (WGP) By Kevin James Graham

Post by Carstens on Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:10 pm

A greatly enhanced version of the original hardbacked book and the subsequent CD.The original book featured 109 West & East German Pottery companies, this update has hiked that to 141 companies. Also there are an additional 18 new designer profiles. This book on a fast access CD has over 600 colour pictures, manufacturer marks, date of introduction and much more.

Designer Profiles on Spritzdecor to Fat Lava II: Heiner Balzar, Richard Bampi, Jan Bontjes van Beek, Ursula Beyrau, Hedwig Bollhagen, Adele Bloz, Trude Carstens, Rudolph Christmann, Walter Conradt, Fredrich Düpmann, Ursula Fesca, Otto Gerharz, Fridegart Glatzle, Siegfrid Gramman, Walter Grau, Will Hack, Luise Haas, Gerda Heuckeroth, Wilhelm Kagel Jnr, Arno Kiechle, Martha Katzer, Lu Klopfer, Wilhelm & Elly Kuch, Beate Kuhn, Halidan Kutlu, Bodo Mans, Heinz Martin, Sigfrid Möller, Heinrich-Maria Müller, Peter Müller, Olge Nawothnig, Irene Pasinski, Edmund Peters, Helge Pfaff, Helmut Schäffenacker, Ursula Motz-Schönhaber, Karl & Ursula Scheid, Heinz Siery, Liesel Spornhauer, Elfie Stadler, ilse Stephan, Klaus Schwebsch, Kurt Tschörner, Hanns Welling, Cilli Wörsdorfer, Cari Zalloni, Clare Zange.

Stockists: For Mainland Europe & ROW contact me on or Contact / Visit Stuart Brownrigg / Bygone Times, Grove Mill, The Green, Eccleston, Nr Chorley. PR7 5PB UK.
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