Possible 18k Gold cat brooch signed hallmarked

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Possible 18k Gold cat brooch signed hallmarked

Post by billyd3us on Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:59 am

Hey everyone, check out this cat brooch I got, it is hallmarked. I did an acid test with my 18k gold acid and the black stone scratcher, stays full color gold over 3 minutes.
I am having such an anxiety attack trying to see who made this, or is there is other metals that react the same as 18k gold ?
help me with this one Please, my anxiety is getting worse and the Urgent care facility is getting tired of seeing me, what can I do ? Oh man, oh well.

 Thank You all for your past comments in helping me. I really appreciate all the comments that have come my way.

  Sincerely Billy Davis "Hernandez"


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